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Aged Care organisations stronger together in 2022 after amalgamation

There’s no denying aged care providers across New South Wales are in crisis, but three Central Coast not-for-profit organisations have forged ahead with an amalgamation seeing them become stronger together in 2022.

Alino Living is the collaboration of three aged care organisations that merged in 2021. Central Coast Community Care Association, Adelene and Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel are now delivering a brighter future for hundreds of residents and team members.

With severe staff shortages, constant COVID-19 pressures and changes in funding effecting the industry, organisations are looking at innovative ways to remain viable.

Co-Chief Executive Officer of Alino Living, Greg Williams said that all three organisations have long shared a close working relationship and are similarly aligned in terms of their not-for-profit status and community focused goals, therefore the merge was a positive step forward.

“The decision to merge was born from a desire to strengthen our capacity to deliver for residents, to be able to share and invest in greater resources and to offer enhanced opportunities for staff to progress their careers on the Central Coast,” explained Greg.

The recent release of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Report also highlighted the need for enhanced governance with an appropriate mix of skills and expertise.

“In merging our three organisations, we are in a position to meet these needs. Our capacity to attract and retain suitably skilled staff grows, making ourselves more resilient as a whole, and we can provide a brighter future to our team, residents, their friends and family as well as stakeholders,” he continued.

Alino Living is now the third largest aged care organisation on the Central Coast and with its increase in size, the group will be able to better lobby for and represent resident and staff interests to industry bodies and other stakeholders.

“2021 has been a tough year for all in our industry and now as we move into the new year, we are all grappling with staff pressures of our aged care workers. As Alino Living, we are able to share resources across our nurses and care service employees, which provides greater protection for our residents and their families,” added Greg.

For 2022, Alino Living has an immediate focus on recruitment to better serve and represent the structure of the new organisation and to ensure it can continue to grow and thrive as an amalgamated entity.

“Despite all the negativity that is surrounding the aged care sector today, we remain very optimistic about its prospects and what it offers to those who choose aged care as a career,” added Alino Living’s Co-Chief Executive Officer, Justin Dover.

“With increased regulation and funding prospects for the sector, we think scale is going to be an important ingredient to ongoing sustainability. We absolutely have a growth-orientated strategy for Alino Living that makes us very excited about the future,” he concluded.