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Alino Living Welcomed Mounties Group’s Annual Bunny Run for Easter

Alino Living is thrilled to have once again participated in the Mounties Group’s annual Bunny Run, a cherished tradition that has brought smiles to our residents for the past two years. This year’s event, held on Tuesday, 26 March, saw dedicated Mounties Group volunteers visit our Rumbalara House, Lake Haven Court, Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel and Killarney Court facilities, spreading Easter cheer with delicious chocolates and adorable plush toys.

“The Bunny Run is a highlight of our Easter celebrations at Alino Living,” said Greg Williams, Co-CEO of Alino Living. “We are incredibly grateful to the Mounties Group for their continued commitment to this heartwarming tradition. Witnessing the joy on the faces of our residents as they interact with the volunteers is truly special.”

The central message of the Bunny Run resonates deeply with Alino Living’s core values of compassion and community. This annual event serves as a beautiful reminder of the positive impact even a small act of kindness can have, fostering connection and lifting spirits.

The Bunny Run tradition, spearheaded over 30 years ago by Mounties staff member Maria Pullen, has grown into a symbol of unity and compassion. It exemplifies the strength of our community when we come together to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

“The Bunny Run holds a special place in our hearts as it reflects our commitment to giving back to the communities we serve. Witnessing the joy and smiles it brings to both children and the elderly during these visits is truly heartwarming,” explained John Dean, Mounties Group President.