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Celebrating Barbara’s 23rd Birthday at Lake Haven Court

Barbara Dewhurst, a beloved resident of Alino Living’s Lake Haven Court, recently celebrated a milestone few get to experience – her leap-year birthday. Born on 29 February 1932 in Crewe, England, Barbara’s unique birth date has always set her apart, and this year, she marked the occasion in style.

Known affectionately as Barb or Barbie, Barbara’s vibrant personality shines through in every interaction. Despite getting older, she maintains a sharp wit, a keen intellect and a warm heart. With a preference for bright colors and a flair for fashion, she embodies the quintessential English lady.

Throughout her life, Barbara has been passionate about dancing, attending dance lessons and exploring the Isle of Man, a place she holds dear, having visited seven times. Her sense of humour and emotional depth are evident when she reminisces about her family, friends and leap year birthdays.

“In my younger days, there was nothing quite like dancing, listening to music and celebrating with my friends.” Recalled Barbara. “I even remember my work friends always making a fuss of me by celebrating my leap year birthday more than anyone else’s birthday!”

“I’m eating well, talking well and sleeping well, and I am looked after like royalty here so I’m very lucky even though I can’t walk around anymore, and those memories I will cherish forever,” Barbara added.

As Barbara approached her 92nd birthday, she was filled with excitement and determination, expressing her desire to match her mother’s longevity, who lived until 100.

Reflecting on her life, Barbara offers timeless advice for younger generations, emphasising the importance of finding love and cherishing it.

“My advice to young people would be to keep yourself to yourself until you meet a good person and then marry them, that way you will know for sure the love was real,” said Barbara.

To celebrate the special occasion, Lake Haven Court organised a memorable event, complete with a photo wall featuring Barbara’s journey through the years. A talented singer played her favourite tunes, while family, residents and staff came together to honour her.

Barbara’s daughter, Susie, was present, along with other close family members, ensuring that this leap year birthday was a cherished moment for everyone involved.